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Vicious Collective - your local friendly DIY Collective are launching the 2nd Issue of their quarterly Zine

VICIOUS DAILY No.2 [Manifesto Issue] in their latest attempts to 'Get Rich or DIY TRYING'.

"The wit is as delightfully wrong as could be."
- Rose Wood, NYC Perfo...

[vicious collective] your local friendly DIY Collective have launched Issue No.1 [winter] of our new quarterly magazine VICIOUS DAILY!



The Vicious Collective research team have been wading through the quagmir...

Next week Vicious Collective's Paris stationed photographer Ben Palmer has yet another exhibition.

Together with long-time collaborators
Night On My Mind 
On home turf: London, NW1.

Presenting their latest zine of 35mm photography. 
This time turning our att...

A group show entitled ‘Devil’s Advocate III’ brings five visual artists together in works which feature underground London iconoclasts, Renaissance characters, and common people.  We met with the artists to see what ‘playing the devil’s advocate’ means to them, and why...

Vicious Collective's frenetic hermetic photographer Ben Palmer will soon be out of seclusion and back on home soil. 

Alongside its curator, Artist and Vicious Collective ally- Rowena Boshier, Ben presents his fifth and largest upcoming exhibition of 35m...

17th of December is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. 

VC offers its solidarity with the International Sex Workers movements and all who are marching accross the world over the next few days.

                            Image via the...

Vicious Collective's BEN PALMER  has contributed to an exhibition, set to open on December 8th in Torino.
Curated by part of the creative forces at Vivienne Westwood, the exhibition will present their processes from conception to collection and ever...

In September 2016 Conrad Armstrong VC showed a series of works called TENSION at The Saatchi Gallery in London.

The works were a response to the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote. 

To mark the occasion Vicious Collective assembled for an ad-hoc Sunday Service within...

In solidarity with SAVE HACKNEY WICK and the hideous plans of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) to destroy the VCHQ in Vittoria Wharf - Spiritual home of Vicious Collective and Sunday Service. VC helped organise WICKSTOCK 2016, a fundraiser and awareness...

In June 2016 Conrad Armstrong and Emma Gibson did a joint exhibition SHADOWS at RESORT STUDIOS in Margate.

To close the exhibition the Vicious Collective did a special Sunday Service to involve the local community in Margate and open up the exhibition space for an array...

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