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Vicious Collective - your local friendly DIY Collective are launching the 2nd Issue of their quarterly Zine

VICIOUS DAILY No.2 [Manifesto Issue] in their latest attempts to 'Get Rich or DIY TRYING'. "The wit is as delightfully wrong as could be." - Rose Wood, NYC Performance Artist VICIOUS DAILY No.2 [Manifesto Issue] contains another 3 months of the research team's courageous wading through of the

ecto-news-plasm to produce a paper lacrymatory for the deliciously salty tears of the Crying Eye. Twisty Illustrations, Poems, Manifestos and Contributions from Nuha Ruby Ra, Zilcho Hamblin, Kurt Krapperz, Ben Palmer, Ashby D Gonzales Daisy Tortuga, Diogo Gama, Maxwell Paternoster and Conrad Armstrong. 100% Recycled #REALNEWS on 100% Recycled Paper [NO #FAKENEWS] Vicious Collective DJS and Performers & All that merch stuff ALL HAIL THE CRYING EYE! Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes

32-36 Kingsland Rd

London E2 8DA Thursday 5th December 6PM - 10PM

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