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Vicious Collective are a group of interdisciplinary artists based on Fish Island in Hackney Wick, London.

We are interested in DIY and experimental approaches towards art and culture, using any and all tools available to encourage viewpoints and discussions outside of the zeitgeist.  No skill is required.

There are no sacred cows.


VC was originally founded in 2013 by Conrad Armstrong, Nuha Ruby Ra and Ashby Field while living together in Cable Street, Limehouse.

Kurt Krapperz, Zilcho Hamblin and the flaneur Ben Palmer are also now at the core of the group. The collective has grown over time to become an extended international family with many satellite members. 

One of the greatest achievements of the collective has been creating and maintaining the Sunday Service since 2015.

SS is a monthly arts platform on the first Sunday of every month hosted at Vicious HQ. It's beneath the grassroots, in that place they call the underground.

If you'd like to know more about our MEMBERS, ethos or events please get in touch through or see our MANIFESTO

Vicious Collective Zines, T-Shirts and Merchandise are available HERE


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