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BREXIT THE MUSICAL by Conrad Armstrong & The Last Living Punks

In lieu of the postponed 'meaningless' parliamentary vote on Theresa May's botched Brexit deal and the UK edging ever closer to civil war, Conrad Armstrong & Vicious Collective would like to throw their Brexit 50p's worth into the perilous quagmire with the premiere of 'Brexit the Musical' by Conrad Armstrong & The Last Living Punks. (Not that another voice is necessarily needed in one of the loudest and most fragmented arguments in recent British history, but here it is anyway.) Brexit The Musical is not your typical topical protest song and doesnt particularly pick sides, instead it tries to look at the impact of Brexit on a human level. The division of our communities, radicalising of identity politics and deep class and ideological tensions. All to the sphincter wincing drum of skin tight tension. The work is not totally non-partisan though as it definitely still very much has an anti-right-chicken-wing-tory message and anti-nationalist rhetoric.

Brexit the Musical is an anarchic farce that started with the poem 'Tension' written by artist Conrad Armstrong immediately after the 2016 Brexit Referendum in the United Kingdom. The poem was set to music and recorded in 2017 with the accompaniment of Last Living Punk - Henry Gibbs on backing vocals and harmonica. Now in 2018, 2 years later and with no conclusion to Brexit in sight, the original idea seed has grown into a musical video saga.

The future of the UK and its divided people hangs in the balance; at the mercy of an incompetent political elite, toxic leadership, profiteers and ideologues - on both sides. After one of the largest demonstrations in Britain for a century, the October 20th 2018 'People's Vote - March for the Future' in London, what will happen next? What has it actually all been about? And who mentioned Tension?

Brexit The Musical is to be continiued.....

Words & Music by Conrad Armstrong

Performed by Conrad Armstrong & Henry Gibbs (Last Living Punks)

Recorded by Margo Broom

Video by Conrad Armstrong & Cicely Arlami

Brexit The Musical is from the unreleased album 'Conrad Armstrong & Last Living Punks - On Spaceship Earth'.

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