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January 17, 2018

Wet Dog Man is a short film featuring a poem written by Jordan Hamblin exploring the mental state of the artists living in Hackney Wick, under the shadow of the Olympic State.


I am an eye 

floating in an eye 

cast on the sea of drunkards mind

tangle yourself in this wet dogs fur

he will keep you warm 

with his red blood tongue 

warm and young 

hopeless and dumb 

in this eternal sea drift 


in this leather boot full of soot

where the sirens squeal with flemed throats

and plastic shackled 

opium eyed 

bloodshot sky's 

are torn apart by my revolver 

six shots at god 

six shots in the warm mango flesh 

six shots at your blue silk dress 


Im drowning in you 

its heavenly 

close the sky’s my love 

Im coming for you 

with a cup of warm milk for your thighs 

dressed in disguise 

Im the wet dog man 


Im barking mad 

barking up the walls at the postman 

with my blood tongue swinging 

over the crossword 

my slobbery pendulum perversely reversed 

as i swoon the inked dogma

with milky eyes gliding the headline 

unstuck in time 

Im the wet dog man 

as i walk the line 

this gun of mine 

Im the wet dog man


you squeak like squalled mass 

your candied lips lids and teeth 

bleet bloody beats 

through the streets 

vibrations through the looking glass 

up the stairs 

and back down again 

up the stairs 

and back down again 

up the stairs 

and back down again my love 

natures hymn rolling on tongued winds 


sin through lips

and sinned through lips 

and sinned through lips my love


fucking foaming 

foaming on the crossword forever 

foaming forever 

with my pistol in my hand

my pistols out 

shaking in my hand 

shake my hand I’m the wet dog man 


floating in my sea of lead 

I’m coming for you darling 

the sky are dead 

there pouring down 

pouring down 

I’m the wet dog man 


I’m the pistol toating 

mouth foaming 

crossword solving 

wet dog man 

with a gun in my hand 

with a gun in my hand  

and a tear in my eye 

a tear in my bloody eye 

i am the sky 

and I’m coming down 

coming down with a cup of warm milk for your thighs 

dressed in disguise 

I’m the wet dog man


Words: Jordan Hamblin

Piano: James Barker

Atmosphere: Oski

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