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 At Vicious Collective we really believe in each others work. That's why we do this. The so called 'Art World' continues to choose to obstinately ignore us, or not take us seriously, but we thrive off their indifference. Supporting and pushing each others work on where...

Wet Dog Man is a short film featuring a poem written by Jordan Hamblin exploring the mental state of the artists living in Hackney Wick, under the shadow of the Olympic State.

I am an eye 

floating in an eye 

cast on the sea of drunkards mind

tangle yourself in this w...


cascading mirrors adopted as my own

encased in this primordial prism of thought

stagnated on this plane


fixated on 4 corners  

transfixed on what flickers


unaware of its sheer 

magnitude and potential 

our narrow gaze,

shackled by freedoms

our swift moment in...




adjective: biomechanical; adjective: bio-mechanical

         relating to the mechanical laws concerning the movement or structure of living organisms.

         "a biomechanical advantage"...

RABBIT is an illustrated short story telling the tale of a rabbits attempts to escape from society through an ancient ritualistic mushroom ceremony.  

Many moons ago in the dew soaked fields of the British country side, lived a rabbit. He was a content little...

2008 - 2017
Collected poems by Ben Palmer




Two sad types of girl I see

When I walk around

One's afraid of what I'd say

Her eyes fixate the ground

The other has her nose turned up

And something up her.... back

'How dare he think he stands a chanc...


Speculative notes: Ruminations & Illuminations

"The Tao seeks not merit nor reward"
'It is what IT is'

All people, animals, objects, phenomena are an absurd expression of 'it'
The Tao/The Cosmos/Nature/Higher Power etc.

[Laozi in the Ta...

Inspired by the austere and cold city which they call home, Armstrong + Field developed this illustrated story of the unforgiving chartered Thames.      

Illustration: Armstrong

Story:  Field

'Flat-Packed Love' is a story about DIY furniture and spatial awareness.

It was originally performed in February 2016 at London's premier spoken-word evening Liars' League.  It was read by Grace Cookey-Gam at the Liars' League MATE & DATE event on Tuesday, February...


I can connect 

Nothing with nothing

In June 2016 Conrad Armstrong and Emma Gibson had a joint exhibition SHADOWS at Resort Studios in Margate.

Conrad wrote ON MARGATE SANDS in response to T.S Eliot's poem 'The Wasteland' which Eliot wrote in Margate while...

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