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VD4 the fourth and blessedly final issue of the infamously underrated and overvalued Vicious Daily is being released into the world as an augural symbol of another massive run on bog roll.

However, even a limbless beast can learn to slither and so in a vain effort to bolster sales and cling to some semblance of integrity - those cunning foxes at Vicious Collective have recruited two proper artists from the big fuckin' apple of 'merica in the shape of Rose Wood and Vivian Weidmann to make invaluable contributions to this lachrymatory agent of diy culture.

To celebrate, as if we needed any invitation, the collective are hosting a ZINE LAUNCH on Thursday 25th November 2021, 6pm - 10pm at the not-yet-opened The Pattern, 167 Mare Street, Hackney, London E8 3RH. Some booze provided but mostly BYOB. The Group, Liv Wynter and Louie Jenkins will be giving live performances. Also, you can get bitten by a Liza Molnár who will be inking the flesh in a sterilised corner.

Back issues of Vicious Daily, vicious merch and other overpriced art objects available to buy on the night.



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