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Vicious Queen Nuha Ruby Ra has released her debut single 'Erase Me'.

Cutting her teeth in various musical projects, East London’s Nuha Ruby Ra is a performance powerhouse sharply focused on her own artistic vision. Regardless of who joins her in the studio or on stage, it’s a beast tamed and conducted by her. Equally adept to presenting these sermons with a chaotic, pulsating seven or eight person live band as she is stripping it right back to herself. The music is something that can be effortlessly molded to suit her mood. Constantly evolving and always adapting.

"It's a big journey from writing this song to now

Thank you all friends and muses for helping me do it ❤️"

Watch the full video and listen, buy, gift, share the track on all platforms HERE

Track produced, mixed and engineered by Erin Tonkon

Video directed and edited by Billie Turnbull

Styling by Jack Appleyard

With big thanks to Itch Film Studio and Ella Paul


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