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interview with FRIDGE curator Jamiu Kola Agboke

Vicious Collective's Conrad Armstrong has a sometimes incisive, often rambling conversation with artist and curator Jamiu Kola Agboke about the third installment of his group exhibition FRIDGE opening this Saturday 24th July at art space and dog cafe Barkney Wick on fish island.

the interview was recorded sitting by the canal side near Jamiu's home and Vicious Collective's HQ (VCHQ) in hackney wick - so you can hear the odd duck quacking in the background.

listen to the audio interview by playing the video below.

the video is mainly just an audio thing, however...

*note on the video - annoyingly, vvee spent ages putting the visual side of the video together on a shit free software that wanted to then extort a stupid amount of money out of vs to not have their bollocks watermark on it... so we have a watermark. think of it like a stolen shutter stock image. that's diy digital art though right? right?

FRIDGE features artists; Diogo Gama, Benedikte Kluver, Ben Dawson, Daisy Tortuga, Ian Nabong, Cecily Loveys Jervoise, James Barker and Conrad Armstrong Curated by Jamiu Kola Agboke at Barkney Wick, Unit E, The Smoke House, 75 Smeed Road, London E3 2NE on Saturday 24th July from 18:00 - 22:00


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