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This week electro-pop trio Drug Store Romeos release What's on Your Mind, the first single from their forthcoming debut album The World Within Our Bedrooms coming out on 25th June. The group originate from Fleet, Hampshire in the English countryside and this song sonically pays homage to this bucolic setting - in an immensely alluring way.

As the song opens we are greeted with the line

“Whats on your mind, i'll tell you what's on mine”

deeply set within the sound of vintage synths and looped drum patterns, summoning forth the imagery of laying on some grassy promontory, lost in a dreamscape reverie, looking for shapes in the clouds above. The transcendentally amplified, softly spoken vocals delivered by singer Sarah Downie are certainly a romantic reminiscence and joyful rabbit hole to fall down.

“Often Im Glancing to Another day”

As is often the way with our crazy symbolic universe, each lyric crawls from the ether, speaking directly to the swirling times we are living through, thankfully grounded by the flowing bass line of Charlie Henderson and drum rhythms of Johnny Gilbert. All components of the song converse fluently with each other in a language we are all invited to learn.

Let yourself slot beautifully into the world the group creates with such ease, one built up of ecclesiastical organ sounds and slowly reverberating voices, a world in which one can let go of the mundane, as they seamlessly bring us back with a tempo change - that solidifies the slowly rising emotions of the track. Launching us poetically upwards, the group drifts off to the Land of Nod on the back of an illusory chimeric beast, disappearing into a space echoed dreamworld and leaving us with a host of emotions to process.

'What's on your mind' conjures images of nature like Mort Garsons “Plantasia” and speaks to our hearts like the romantic poetry of Dante Alighieri. A truly uplifting pop classic and a much needed respite from the chaos of the day. This is possibly my favorite Drug Store Romeos release to date and the timing could not be sweeter. With upcoming shows selling out fast, you better keep your finger on the trigger if you want to make it to see this act live.

CLICK HERE to listen to Drug Store Romeos - What's on your mind on Spotify

Words by Zilcho Hamblin


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