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RETOLD, Ben Palmer's latest photography exhibition

Vicious Collective's frenetic hermetic photographer Ben Palmer will soon be out of seclusion and back on home soil. Alongside its curator, Artist and Vicious Collective ally- Rowena Boshier, Ben presents his fifth and largest upcoming exhibition of 35mm photographic works- Retold, Including both affectionately familiar and exclusive UNPUBLISHED prints. Plus accompanying Retold zine, designed exclusively for the event by the illustrious Hotline Studios! This show is the culmination of a two year correspondence between curator, photographer, friends, poets and scholars alike; encompassing the visual with the cognitive delights of pieces from eight brave writers. Fusing the initiatives and imaginations of these writers with Ben's sporadic, optically cryptic photographs triggers a synergetic response; encouraging further reflection and fertile abstraction from the audience. Vicious Collective will be attending in force: Watching, Laughing, Delving into the minds of ten artists through their combined expressions- We invite you to join us One & All in celebrating the absurdity of all that's laid before our VICIOUS EYES!

For more of his work visit: Ben Palmer

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