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Vicious Collective Presents 'Cafe Arabic' a short sharp taster from a film on current day Palestine.

"A bar on a beach in Tel Aviv, Friday afternoon, 2nd day here, the piña colada song is playing.Having coffee with my neighbour in Nablus, cafe Arabic..very good, made by Syad. Listening to the call to prayer from the rooftop most days, then remembering the seaways. Back and forth. Back and forth. Propaganda enforcing the divide from both sides. Area A: a risk to your life. Better to be living for today. If you like piña coladas on the beach, if you like coffee with your neighbour, if you like to dance, if you like to drive wherever you choose, if you worship the sun, if you worship a god. If you have faith in humanity, if sometimes you lose it... If you believe in freedom- if you are anti-apartheid."

Film: Georgia Duncan

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