Barka Sinner Conrad Armstrong (and Patsy) Herzog Henri Gibbs Nuha Ruby Ra Glenn Wild Kurt Hamblin Liam Ramsden Gareth Fairlie Bruno Wizard Faith Brandon Cilla Black

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"I live and breathe film. I wake up in the morning thinking about film and dream of it at night. I feel the pulsating urge of blood rushing through my veins when I’m awoken by ideas for what I could shoot. I use my eyes as my camera and my reality as different scenes… the cogs in my brain are always turning the gears of film. It is in my bones, my blood and heart. No Tape Inside is an invitation into my world as a film maker, with the aim of giving others the opportunity to see the world in a different way, challenge the constraints of societal conditioning and allow people to feel:





…everything it is to value the state of being human and being in the present and now.

Film: Katia Ganfield

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