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SUNDAY SERVICE is Vicious Collective’s monthly offering to the Crying Eye.

Every first Sunday of the month at VCHQ in Vittoria Wharf, Hackney Wick.

Sunday service is an Open Live Arts Platform to encourage creative solidarity and community through routinely gathering.

The dream is that similar Services will grow and help connect the different islands of creativity around the world encouraging exchange and cross pollination.


1. Sunday Service is not a variety show for the entertainment of an audience.

If the audience finds the variety of the show entertaining then that’s a bonus.

2. Sunday Service is created by those who will it to happen.

No one should be made or paid to perform but encouraged, inspired or asked.

3. Sunday Service is not a public space.

Works performed should not be suitable for public consumption.

4. Sunday Service is for everyone.

All are welcome and all disciplines are encouraged.

5. Sunday Service should always seek to challenge the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

Its the only real cause.

6. Sunday Service must have a host.

Chaos is inevitable but someone must be attempting to steer the ship.

7. Sunday Service is DIY.

Nothing happens unless you make it happen.

8. Sunday Service should not rely on social media to spread the word.

Services should be in the same place at the same at regular intervals (i.e. 8pm, First Sunday of the month).

9. Sunday Service should always be on a Sunday.

Because its called Sunday Service.

10. Sunday Service must not be taken seriously.

Disregard all of the rules above and do what thou wilt.

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