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Generation Y

Why dear old man are we in such a State?

Why have you left us to such a false fate?

Why can't I earn any money today?

Why did you flog all our jobs far away?

Why did you teach us to maximise costs?

Why can't you see all our industry's lost?

Why should I strive for the building's top floor,

When down on ground zero I forecast much more?

Why must I wear shirt and tie for this part?

In front of this screen no one sees that I'm smart.

Why must I insure all my belongings?

Why feed your forced fear of losing these things?

Why must I live in perpetual debt?

Negative lives foster more of a threat.

Why are bored kids mugging me on the train,

When I'm just as bored but less praising of pain?

Why did you brainwash us with your TV?

Why are you trying to automate me?

Why, oh dear why dead old men can't you see?

Forget all your time and memento mori.

For when we indefin'tly send you to Death.

Don't be surprised if we take your last breath.

Your supreme prestige will shake like your hands,

As spectators stare whilst you struggle to stand.

Gerontion casts open his rickety doors.

And we'll wheel you in to converse with your flaws.

For your constitution for money and wealth,

Will rake out the youth of our heart and your health.

Words: John Vicious

Photo: Ben Palmer

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