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South London's The Uglies debut Single “Big and Ugly” is out today on Fatigue Records.

The song is a protest for the down and out. Crooner frontman Charles -Edwards-Moss' sincere vocal is set to an uplifting backdrop of whirling organs. The repeated line

“I know that i'm big and i'm ugly”

explodes in one's mind like the onset of some disco drug, travelling through our memories of love, loss and desperation. Whilst the mellow rolling bass lines of Charlie Ratcliffe and angelic backing vocals of Daisy Tortuga bring us softly back to spaceship earth.

The song has us follow our big and ugly protagonist around as he desperately attempts to get a dance, In the cruel and ugly sonic hinterland created by the group. Will we ever find out if he is successful? The crescendo at the finale of the song (an uplifting Morricone moment) suggests that maybe someone figured out

“That inside their is beauty”

This track drags us gently into the life of a person on the precipice of finding love in spite of all the barriers presented to them. A story soundtracked with finesse.

Out today on all streaming platforms and with the option of vinyl pre-order - The Uglies are certainly a band to watch out for…..

CLICK HERE to stream The Uglies - Big and Ugly on Spotify

Review by Zilcho Hamblin For Vicious Collective


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