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17th of December is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

VC offers its solidarity with the International Sex Workers movements and all who are marching accross the world over the next few days.

If you are in London you can show your support for the movement by attending the demonstration at 12-2pm, Monday 18th December at New Palace Yard (near Parliament), Westminster, London.

Statement from VC

If you are in London tomorrow it's International End Violence Against Sex Workers Day. One of the oldest professions in Human civilisation is still one of the most dangerous and devoid of rights for its workers. Many Workers Rights groups and Feminist groups still offer absolutely no support, or even make life harder for these workers because of societies stigma against them. Many of these workers are some of the most vulnerable people in our society and always have been. Violence against Transgender and migrant workers is at its highest rate ever, with nothing visibly being done to change this. Many Politicians and Religious figures seems happy to use sex workers by night and make their working conditions more treacherous, volatile and unsafe by day with laws passed against them. Due to Tory austerity, rising rents and rising tuition fees, many young people and people in creative fields have had to enter the sex work industry to survive, pay rent and pay off student debt and in many cases are often shamed into silence when they become the victim of violence. This is not just a fringe problem about people on the fringes of society, sex workers have degrees! Their struggle is at the heart of our society, and effects your children, siblings and friends. Whether you morally agree with sex work or not its not going away any time soon so show some courage and don't abandon these vulnerable workers and help end the violence they have to suffer. No person deserves that. Monday 18th December, 12pm - 2pm, Old Palace Yard, next to Parliament.

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