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The Seer, Portrait of Sade English by Luke Harris


/ˈanti/ kləʊn/

To not conform to suit society.

SADE ENGLISH is an Artist, Art Director, Curator and Designer from London who attempts to challenge normative expectations, stereotype and gender roles on every level of life and work. Committed to the ideology of the 'ANTICLONE MOVEMENT' Sade distrupts and disregards the gender binary, particularly with her more specifically fashion orientated work, or what Sade describes as 'Wearable Art', where she tries to avoid submitting to the established rules of Menswear, Womenswear or even Unisex. English's manifesto of constant self reflection and conscious abandonment of gendered design helps erode the structures of opression cultivated by the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy that are still so prevelant in the Fashion & Art world.

The negative expectations of western beauty standards are important to challenge not only for creative experimentation, ingenuity and the furthering of the art form but also to question the dangerous effects these expectations can have on our society both physically and mentally.

This Anticlone philosophy shows Sade's will to help imagine and design a new more postive future, instead of being victim to the past.

“I will not have my life narrowed down.” - Bell Hooks

Art Direction: Sade English

Videographer: Josh Faux

Sound: Hajme Genne Lovlely Ikari

Mua: Luke Harris

Subject & Model: Laurence Monaise

The Creation of an abstract entity. Filmed over for 5 hours, Sade English unconsciously constructing a sculpture, on live model and subject Parma Ham.

Tools used: Pvc tape, pins, scissors, cotton drill, black & white paint.

Creative Direction: Sade English

Videographer: Faux by Faux

Mua: Luke Harris

Sound: Jack France

Subject & Model: Parma Ham

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